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Discover « Communication publique »

Communication publique is the only French association exclusively dedicated to communication directors of the public sector.

For further information or to become a member of the association, please fill in the form below.

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Communication publique is a well-known association famous for its expertise. It was founded by Pierre Zémor in 1989. He was the chairman of the association until 2009. Communication publique examines the strategic stakes with which communication directors are confronted to help them fully play their part in the institutions.

About Us

The association’s main goal is to stimulate the communications industry and make the image of communication in the public service look more dynamic.

Communication in the public institutions is being constantly and deeply transformed. These changes are putting us at the heart of ongoing disruptions with a managerial aspect to assert – if not to defend – in particular for our professions. Communication publique wants to take up these challenges and offer new scopes of meeting and thinking to come up to communications managers’ issues, questions and expectations. But we are also open to new ideas and suggestions you would like to address/submit us. Communication publique wants to take part in the debate about the modernisation of the civil service and fulfill the needs and expectations of citizens as well as users. Communication publique is financed only by its members, granting independence and continuity to the association. Last but not least, our initiatives are opportunities to meet and share experiences with other communication directors.

Aims :

  • To form a network of communication directors and executive managers of the public institutions.
  • To foster meetings, exchanges of best practices and theoretical thinking on public communication.
  • To encourage cooperation between public communicators and civil service officers as well as politicians, primarily local governors.

Board Officers

The board is elected for three years.

Chairwoman – Isabelle Jourdan

Vice-chairmen – Xavier Crouan, François Kohler and Laurent Setton

General secretary – Joëlle Vaucelle

Treasurer – Laurent Setton

Chief representative – Philippe Deracourt

Board of Directors here

What We Do


The « Meetings of Communication publique » : to forestall the evolutions of the society, the public service and professionnal practices ; exchange with public actors and famous experts.

The « Mornings » : meeting with an expert or at the café Les éditeurs.

The « Workshops at 65 » : professional and thematic exchanges between communication directors.

The « Professional seminars » : training program exclusively dedicated to communication directors and executives.

The « Thematic work groups » go in greater details into topics such as local government communication, research, « les marchés publics », new technologies and medias, the training of public managers, etc.


Communication publique publishes the review PAROLE PUBLIQUE, which includes articles by experienced communication managers and the greatest scholars in the information and communication fields.

VotreParole !

Une proposition d’initiative, une idée originale à partager, un projet à faire connaître, ou bien même un sujet pour la revue Parole publique : dites-nous et nous vous contacterons.